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Our Team

Monolith Cyprus Ltd


About our Team


We are a diverse group of more than 70 individuals who bring unique talents and perspectives to our jobs.

At Monolith Cyprus, we embrace the unique needs of the market – from customer requirements to employee cultures. We cultivate the diverse talents of our team and leverage their extraordinary perspectives and innovative ideas to make Monolith Cyprus the industry leader.

Every member of our team is goal-oriented, they come up with great ideas and avoid mistakes. And let’s not forget that teamwork draws new friends.

Our Team.


Our team of professionals is always ready to help


Different nationalities

~ 3,000

Satisfied clients per day

Over the course of 14 years, Monolith Cyprus Limited has built an impeccable reputation, achieving remarkable results in importing and distributing select goods and specialized products from Eastern Europe for international clients.


Anatolis Mavrangelidis

Founder Shareholder

Unveiling the potential of a thriving market, we foster strong partnerships and deliver cutting-edge solutions in the field of import and distribution. Our focus on sourcing and supplying products from Eastern Europe enables us to offer clients high-quality products and unique specialized goods.

We take pride in our history of accomplishments and strive to uphold high service standards by implementing innovative approaches and meeting the needs of our international clients.


Nataliya Mavrangelidou

Company Secretary

Ioannis_ рамка

Ioannis Seiranov

Chief Executive Officer

Charis_ круг

Charis Kesidis


Silva 3

                                                   Silva Karipidou

                                                   Sales Manager

Konstantinos Pozidis

Chief Purchasing Officer

Our sustainable growth and outstanding achievements are a testament to the trust we have earned in the market of importing and distributing goods from Eastern Europe.

Maria 2

Maria Karlova

Chief Marketing Officer




Veronica Sirbu

Office Administrator

Alexandros  Panakasidis

Warehouse Manager

Georgios Daniilidis

Purchase Assistant

Lena 2


Elena Mavrangelidou

Household Assistant

zoya 31

Zoi Bartashuk

Warehouse Assistant

A strong team are the foundation of a successful business.