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Monolith Cyprus Ltd

Who we are

We are Monolith Cyprus Ltd
The leading wholesalers for the import and distribution of selected Eastern European specialties.

Monolith Cyprus Ltd is a trading company established in Cyprus which specializes on the import and distribution of selected Eastern European goods and specialties. The company is the official representative of the international group of companies Monolith in the Republic of Cyprus, which ranks among the leading wholesalers of the import and distribution of Eastern European products.


The assortment offers a choice from sweets and drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic), to meat, dairy products, sausage and fish. In this manner the company meets the requirements of the consumers which consist of locals from Cyprus as well as emigrants from Eastern European countries.


The high quality of the products is guaranteed and controlled by company representatives and state authorities with a combination of specialized machinery for the proper storage and transport of the goods and the degree of specialization and knowledge by the company’s staff.


The majority of the goods are imported from various Eastern European countries, as well as from Russia and Ukraine. The company’s assortment also includes goods from local suppliers such as bread, milk and other goods that are used on a daily basis. The active growth of the company proves the increasing and satisfaction of demand of Eastern European goods in the Republic of Cyprus.

The continuous growth and the enormous success of Monolith Cyprus Limited proves that there is an increased demand of Eastern European specialties in Cyprus and confirms the necessity of meeting the needs of its customers more intensely. Therefore, Monolith aims the enlargement of existing warehouses, the extension of the inventory and the optimization of its portfolio. Besides, the company intends to grab more market shares and to provide new jobs in Cyprus. Moreover, Monolith Cyprus is focused on a lasting increase of the company value.

Cooperation with Monolith Cyprus Limited.

Monolith Cyprus Limited lends its support to private as well as business clients. The immaculate quality of the products takes a center stage. Consistently the quality, freshness and shelf life are checked by the in-house food chemist. Optimally coordinated internal organizational structures guarantee a fluent process and therefore assure the satisfaction of each customer.