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Monolith Cyprus Limited Delegates Attend Anuga 2023

From October 7th to 11th, 2023, the global food and beverage industry convened at the prestigious Anuga event in Cologne. Representatives of Monolith Cyprus Limited attended Anuga 2023 as visitors and expressed their deep appreciation for the opportunity to participate in this significant event. This world-renowned trade fair, known for its vibrancy, diversity, and dynamic atmosphere, brought together the most extensive international community of industry professionals and fostered an atmosphere of optimism.

The global food industry is currently experiencing dynamic changes characterized by openness, transparency, trust, and partnership. Anuga serves as the world’s leading trade fair for food and beverages, where the industry’s key players come together to explore the path toward a sustainable and equitable food system.

With over 7,800 exhibitors from 118 countries, Anuga 2023 became the largest and most essential trade fair in the food industry, occupying an impressive 300,000 square meters of exhibition space at the fully-booked fairgrounds in Cologne. Notably, 94 percent of the participants at this event came from abroad, underscoring its global significance. The top ten countries with the highest number of exhibitors included Belgium, China, Germany, France, Greece, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Turkey, and the USA.

The core theme of Anuga 2023 was “Sustainable Growth,” complemented by a diverse event and conference program, which delved into the pressing issues of the food industry. This emphasis on sustainability and growth sparked the curiosity of industry professionals from around the world.

Monolith Cyprus Limited emphasizing their deep gratitude to the event organizers for providing a unique platform for expanding knowledge, fostering new connections, and being inspired by the evolving opportunities within the food industry. This event not only offered insights into emerging trends but also provided an opportunity to connect with like-minded professionals from around the world.